Ingmar Wein

Hello guys! My name is Ingmar Wein, I’m 22 years old and my home ist the wonderful „Black Forest“ in southwestern of Germany!

In 2015/2016 I lived more than a whole year in Finland – an incredible calm and beautiful country in the North. In this time I’ve developed a strong passion for taking photographs including all conditions – also -30° couldn’t prevent me from going outside and taking pictures! Beside the photography I recognized a deep connection to nature. The silence, the beauty and the feeling of timelessness in nature are the most beautiful experiences a human can have. That’s why I want to inspire people finding their way back into nature and leaving the troubles of the daily routine behind! ☺


  1. Favourite places in the Black Forest
  2. Paragliding in Zermatt
  3. My favourite photo
  4. Travelling through Switzerland
  5. The peace of stars
  6. Being one with nature
  7. The Salza waterfall
  8. Visiting Green Slovenia
  9. Finding happiness in snow-covered Norway
  10. Extreme Cold
  11. Travelling through the nature of Europe by car - Part 2
  12. Travelling through the nature of Europe by car - Part 1