Elegant Accessories - For Him

Unlike the unique pieces from Business Formal, here you will find elegant timepieces and jewelry that aren’t bound by any rules. From sleek designs to extravagant elegance, everything can be found right here. You can choose from different metals, colorful and neutral woods as well as different functionality aspects, so that you can find the unique piece that fits your style perfectly.

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  1. Castello (Koa/Sodalite) Castello (Koa/Sodalite) SALE
    3 Models
  2. Sunrise (Padauk/Marble) Sunrise (Padauk/Marble) SALE
    7 Models

Elegant accessories - For Her

Different colors, shapes and materials. In this selection, you will find a wide variety of models, so you can find your perfect companion. Unlike the Business Formal watches, there are no limits to elegance here.

Our suggestions for you

Find the best fit

If you have slender wrists, go for smaller cases; if you have wide wrists, a larger diameter is the preferred choice. The timepiece fits perfectly if you can still get your little finger between the wrist and the watch. If you have a mark after wearing it, the timepiece was strapped too tight. Generally, the watch is worn on the passive side, meaning that right-handed people wear the watch on the left wrist. In the end, of course, you can decide for yourself - because everyone has their own unique style. Be proud to be unique!