Timepiece with a moon phase display - exclusive and strictly limited!

Only 400 pieces left

Become the king of the night with our Limited Edition Moondance - inspired by the magical hours between midnight and sunrise, when only the light of the full moon illuminates the silent darkness.

Watch the moon on its constant journey around the earth, every day on your wristwatch. The moon phase display adds mysterious details to the simple design and transforms our Moondance into an elegant accessory for any occasion.

Secure now: unique Holzkern piece with a moon phase display, 5 ATM water-resistant and strictly limited to only 400 pieces!

Lapis Lazuli and Milanaise Strap

The dial of our Moondance is made with genuine lapis lazuli, a naturally occurring stone known for its beautiful color and unique marbling. It is reminiscent of the vastness of the Milky Way and symbolizes boundless freedom and imagination.

The Milanaise strap comes from Milan and is particularly comfortable to wear thanks to its fine mesh structure made of stainless steel. As one would expect, creations from the fashion capital are super elegant and ultra-modern!

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to own a strictly Limited Edition timepiece with a moon phase display!

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The secrets of the night sky on the dial of your wristwatch. Deep blue lapis lazuli with white-grey speckles brings the starry night sky to your wrist, while the moon phase display gives you a unique view of the moon's position at all times.

Get your Limited Edition Moondance with a moon phase indicator now and give your style a unique accessory. Strictly limited to only 400 pieces!

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