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The Empowerment Collection

14 unique necklaces for women

Curious, bold and creative

Our new necklaces made with precious gemstones and handcrafted sterling silver are dedicated to a world of art and are designed to make you aware of your creative potential. Be inspired to think bold thoughts every day and share them with those around you so you can grow and share new experiences together!

Jewellery with meaning.

Each of the 7 gemstones represents different characteristics and values. One has a calming effect, the other increases self-confidence or is perhaps even a symbol of love. Check out our brand new Empowerment Collection and get the gemstone that suits you best.

Waterproof and handcrafted

The combination of sterling silver and natural gemstones makes your piece guaranteed to be waterproof. Each sterling silver mount is adjusted to fit the gemstone, allowing the individual shape of the stone to stand out even more.

Which necklace suits you best?

TIPP: Did you know that each gemstone stands for special properties and values? Click on the individual products and discover what the 7 different stones stand for. Find the gemstone that suits you best and create a symbol that inspires you to think bold thoughts every day.

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