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Inner Material Genuine Leather
Genuine Leather
Vegan Washpapa
Outer Material Zebrawood

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Clever, cool-headed and attentive. Ivay knows exactly what she wants and is admired by those around her for her decisiveness.

This is the perfect handbag to have all eyes on you. Thanks to the rounded edges, these models still appear slim despite their rectangular form. A wafer-thin skin composed of elegant zebrawood complements the sophisticated look of this design. The external casing is thereby made fully robust and objects can be safely stowed away.


The ingenuous design allows for the handbag to be covered in a feather-light zebrawood skin, which is made possible via discreet ribbing on the corner sections. Apart from providing for its extravagant look, the wood components guarantee that your own personal model is a genuine one-of-a-kind that can never be repeated.

The interior is fashioned from Italian nubuck leather that doesn’t just feel amazing, it’s also extremely sturdy.

EAN: # 9010631014216
  • Outer material: Genuine, fine-grained zebrawood
  • Inner material: Italian nubuck leather in brown
  • Size: 149 x 225 x 71mm
  • Weight: 356 grams
  • Handle: Adjustable leather strap (61 - 106cm); Quick-Switch design (allows the handle to quickly be exchanged)
  • Practical magnetic fastener
  • Handcrafted with love

How long are the straps? Are they removable?

Our handbags are designed in such a way that the strap of your Uniqase can easily be removed and replaced by means of a trigger hook. This means that you have countless ways of carrying your own unique piece.

In addition, the leather straps are adjustable in length and can be combined with all kinds of different styles. From messenger bag to shoulder bag, your companion can adapt to all of your individual requirements.

The vegan alternative made of metal is available in a fixed length and has a classic, elegant design for a timeless look.

As always, the exact lengths and dimensions of the different straps and models can be found directly under the product pictures in the specifications.

Are the handbags waterproof?

Our models are made from natural materials, and we have sealed every design with a special coating that protects your bag from moisture and keeps it beautiful for a long time. This means that your own unique handbag is prepared for every type of weather and occasion.

Like many fashionable companions, your bag is not 100% waterproof, and the contents could get wet due to heavy rain or if you accidentally drop it into water. However, unless you’re going to be walking through heavy rain regularly, you don’t need to worry: Every model is splash-resistant and can of course be worn in everyday life without worries.

When you’re not wearing your Uniqase, we recommend storing it in the cotton bag included with delivery. This way it is optimally protected and will bring joy for a very long time.

Which materials are used? How do I care for them?

Our bags made from wood and stone are truly unique. Because they are made from natural materials, they not only impress with their design, but also meet all the requirements for everyday use. The inside of each bag is lined with Washpapa (a vegan leather alternative) or leather, and can be securely closed with a magnetic clasp.

The straps are made of metal or leather and can be removed on both sides or swapped in order to create a new look.

When you’re not wearing your Uniqase, we recommend storing it in the cotton bag included with delivery. This way it is optimally protected and will bring joy for a very long time.

If you want to clean or care for your unique handbag, we recommend using a dry cotton cloth and gently rubbing it over the affected area. For more stubborn dirt, you can use a damp cloth.

Wood is a natural material that can change over time. This means that you will always have a unique companion with character, and with the help of a little wood oil or wood balm it will always look nice and shiny.

What dimensions does the Uniqase have?

Produced in small series, we have something for every occasion: Our Uniqase designs have enough space for your essentials and can be worn as a cross-body bag, on your shoulder, or held in your hand.

The inside of each bag is lined with Washpapa (a vegan leather alternative) and protects the contents in a large compartment.

You can find the materials, dimensions and lengths of the different designs on the respective product page in the specifications.

Core Features

Easy-Switch Handle

Easy-Switch Handle

Natural diversity is the main guiding principle for everything we do.
Also in the development of our products, we constantly make sure that you can use your unique piece in the most versatile of ways. With our Uniqases, we’ve made that possible by using flexible and changeable carrying straps that give you the possibility to adapt your model to the widest variety of outfits.
A unique piece of nature with an endless diversity of possible styles!



Exotic wood with character. Zebrawood is a unique and incredibly beautiful type of wood. It owes its name to the special striped pattern, which makes our accessories extravagant eye-catchers. The wood comes from the tropical rainforests of West Africa, and we only use FSC-certified wood for our products.

Italian Nubuk Leather

Italian Nubuk Leather

When the inner values of your Uniqase should also fully win you over. For an extra special touch, we’ve used highly valuable Italian nubuck leather for the inner lining of our handbags.
This exceptional leather is sanded on the smooth grain side of the textile and it gains a velvet-like surface texture. A unique haptic on the outside as well as the inside is thereby guaranteed!

Wood and Stone Skin

Wood and Stone Skin

We’re bringing nature back into fashion. In an intense research & development process for our Uniqases, we’ve created a highly specialized construction with an outer shell made from millions of years old stone types or unique FSC-certified hardwood types. At the same time, the handbags are astonishingly light with a weight of 300-500 grams. Our innovative sealing technique retains the look & feel of the materials while also providing for security against ruptures as well as spray water resistance.

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