100% satisfaction or money refunded

terms of guarantee

If the piece of nature you ordered doesn’t meet your tastes and you aren’t 100% satisfied, you have the option to send it back or exchange it with another model. The right of return is 24 days as long as your piece of nature is unworn.

In order for the arrival of your watch to be a joyful experience, we recommend you read the specifications of the respective watch first. Due to the natural materials, the grain and structure of the wood and stone can vary greatly in strength and intensity. Therefore, they can possibly deviate from the pictures online. Of course we always try to take order comments into account, but we ask for your understanding that this is not always possible as our products are natural products.

If you have decided to return your model, your money will be refunded via the original method of payment within 10 days after we have received your model. If you paid by credit card, the transaction may only show up on your next statement. You can find more detailed information in our withdrawal terms.

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