What if there was a place consisting of miles of meandering rivers, black beaches, millennial-old glaciers, fresh green grass and bubbling volcanoes. A place where you can discover something new behind every bend and don't want to believe your eyes at every stop. A place where you can drive kilometre by kilometre without meeting a soul and feeling free like nowhere else in the world. A place that cries out for adventure and is waiting to be discovered by you. What if I told you that this place is only a short flight away?

In autumn last year, a friend and I set off to exactly this place, called Iceland. After the first steps and the kilometres driven, I knew: this is the right place! This is the place I've been dreaming about for so long. A paradise for every landscape photographer, adventurer, or anyone who simply wants to break out of the routine of his everyday life and notice what he has missed all the time.

The highlight that makes such a trip even more unforgettable are the northern lights. I will probably never forget the moment when I first saw how a slightly greenish shimmering band became brighter and brighter and began to tremble over me. In such moments, you slowly start to realize how small and insignificant you are as a human being and what power and beauty our earth has in store for us.