Time for Mom
The Holzkern Gift Guide: Gifts for Mom

Only the very best for your mother! No matter which model you decide on, with Holzkern you’re guaranteed to bring her joy. Our wristwatches and pieces of jewelry are wonderful natural products, crafted by hand with love, and they’re as unique as your mom!
Our watches stand for a conscious use of your time. What could fit better to this idea than a Gift Guide that focuses on what’s really essential?

Time together.

Discover 4 ways to spend more time with your mom, and the unique gift ideas from Holzkern that are perfectly fitting.

Create a collage of your most beautiful memories
From childhood onward, our moms are among the most important people in our lives, and substantially contribute to our growing development. How do we possibly thank the people who’ve always been there for us?
Take a trip down memory lane and find photographs of times spent together. Now is the perfect opportunity to bring past moments to life and also look with joy toward the future.

Discover our bestsellers for her

Help her explore her passion
It’s often difficult finding your own way, and having your mom by your side is worth more than gold.
Time to turn things around and help your mother realize HER own dreams! Maybe she wants to learn exciting new things again, or follow fresh interests? Find a course where she can discover new or old passions again!

She’ll be ready for every occasion

Organize a special outing
Usually it’s our mothers who take care of everything on excursions and holidays - reservations, tickets, food, the schedule… It isn’t so easy always keeping an overview on things!
Surprise your mom with a perfectly planned outing - how about an evening in her favorite restaurant or tickets to a concert she always wanted to go to?

Natural jewelry to match every look

A special picnic with pets and great snacks
Pets are an important part of the family for every mom. Find a lovely place in the park, bake tasty treats for yourselves and the pets as well, and enjoy some time together in the sun (naturally, you can also do it without the pets)!

Jewelry and Watches made from natural materials

End the day on a sweet note

A small gesture can make a huge difference! Let your mom know again, just how special she is.
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