Discover our new unisex collection (40mm)

Functional & stylish design to fit any wrist!

Inspired by the strengths of introverts - empathetic, loyal, observant, intuitive - our Introspection Collection is designed to stand by your side every day as it opens your eyes to new perspectives.

When developing these products, we paid special attention to the size of the case. With a diameter of 40mm, the Introspection Collection is our first unisex collection with an integrated stop-function. Guaranteeing good looks for any wrist ;)

Chronographs have an integrated stop-function that makes your everyday life much easier! The operation is very simple: there are two pushers on the side of the watch case. The upper one starts and stops the measuring process, the lower one resets the stop hand to zero.

Our Metal-Core Technology was specially developed to make watch designs with natural materials even more resistant. Timepieces with this special structure have the movement enclosed in an airtight metal case that guarantees water-resistance of 5 ATM.

Nature Look and Feel. Thanks to our special designs made from natural materials, you’re wearing a real piece of nature with your unique Holzkern watch. Enjoy the unique look and feel of wood, stone and other natural materials and get inspired daily as you wear your truly one-of-a-kind timepiece!

Which unique piece should accompany you throughout your everyday life?

Get your favourite model from the Introspection Collection today while stocks last!

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