Crimson red watches made from precious amaranth wood

You have a strong will, determination, and a high level of endurance? Then our passionately expressive, crimson red timepieces are just the right thing for you!


Amaranth comes from the tropics of South America and is also found extensively throughout Central America and Mexico. It has a resplendent crimson to violet color. The word Amaranth comes from ancient Greek and means "always flowering". In Greek mythology Amaranth is an eternally blooming flower that was well hidden by the gods.

Positive associations of the color red are life-force and passion. Red stimulates the metabolism and has a strong impact on the nervous system. In addition, this color enhances the awareness of feelings and experiences on an emotional level.


What things do you connect with the color of our Amaranth models?

They appear as temperamental as fire and vigorous as blood, and at the same time, being the color of the heart, they radiate love and warmth.

In China, red is the color of luck, joy and fortune. In Russia, red is associated with things that have high value. In Japan, red is the color of femininity. In some areas of Africa, red is considered the color of life. Even today, the wearing of red ribbons or fabrics is still part of marriage ceremonies among many traditional peoples.


Discover our beautiful crimson treasures now, and let yourself be reminded how vital you are!

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