After my last trip to Iceland, it was clear to me that it wouldn't be long before I would return to the north. In October this year it finally happened again. I packed my backpacks, stowed the camera equipment and with a big portion of anticipation in my hand luggage, I went to the small archipelago off the west coast of Norway: the Lofoten.

Breathtaking mountain ranges that shoot out of the sea like out of nowhere, idyllic fishing villages and untouched white sandy beaches were just waiting to be discovered by us.

After 5 days of pure amazement, we reached the most famous place of Lofoten, Reine. Surrounded by impressive peaks up to 800 meters high, this small village is located at the western end of the archipelago. As beautiful as it was to look at, I only had one picture in my head that I absolutely had to have: the view from the Reinbringen summit under the northern lights. What might not sound so spectacular at first, turned out to be one of the best moments of my life that night. But in order to experience this moment, it was first necessary to survive one of the most demanding climbs on the Lofoten with a 15kg backpack on my back. Although it hadn't rained a drop in the three days before, the trails were more than slippery and the sections with a gradient of up to 70 percent became a real challenge. But everything was suddenly forgotten when we stood on the summit completely exhausted. Not a soul far and wide and the Lofoten under our feet. I already thought that things could hardly get any better. But just three hours and a simple dinner later, I was proven wrong. The initial cloud fields disappeared and the sky suddenly began to glow. A moment when you forget everything around you and just stare into the sky in silence. At this very moment, this picture of me (the crazy one on the right summit) was taken.

For such moments, it's always worth leaving everything behind and taking the step into the unknown, even if it can be very exhausting!