Amaranth & Apricot

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Diogenes of Sinope was a founder of the Cynic philosophy, a precursor to the Stoic school of thought. He held firm to the idea that one should strive to live a simpler lifestyle, that civilization was regressive, and demonstrated this by publicly criticizing social values, noted philosophers such as Plato and Socrates, and even Alexander the Great.

To him, virtue was best demonstrated in action rather than in theory, and there are many instances of note in which he does this. Perhaps the earliest would be the debasement of currency: the challenge of money's value in civilized society which led to his exile from Sinope. He was also reported to have walked around town during the daytime carrying a lamp, claiming to be on the search for an honest man. 

Diogenes the Cynic would come to declare himself a "cosmopolitan"—the first known use of the word— and a citizen of the world, and this at a time when one's identity was so closely tied to their citizenship. His austere view of society included the rather simple notion that the artificial growths of civilization are incompatible with happiness and in this way, a return to the simplicity of nature is the moral course. 

To a great Cynic, the first cosmopolitan, and a valuable truth-sayer, we dedicate this bold model made of amaranth, black apricot and leadwood.

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EAN: # 9120078331330
Core Features
  • Case: 38mm diameter, made of amaranth and leadwood
  • Dial: Black apricot with fine texture
  • Movement: Automatic movement made by Sea-Gull
  • Band: 20mm width, adjustable length, made of amaranth and leadwood


How do I adjust my watch to the perfect size?

With so many different designs, there’s definitely the perfect model for every wrist size. Our watches with linked bracelets can be easily adjusted to any preferred length.

Additional bracelet links and the necessary tools are enclosed free of charge so that you can immediately adjust your model to your individual wrist size and wear it.

The leather watch straps and vegan alternative straps in our product range come in industry-standard sizes. For particularly short or long watch straps, you’re sure to find what you need at your trusted specialised watch or jewellery dealer.

What is delivered in the package contents?

Every single Holzkern product is delivered in a high-quality solid wooden box in which your piece of nature can be safely stored. The wooden box is lined with cork, which optimally protects your model during transport or storage.

The cork that comes with our watches and Bandlets is reversible and inscribed on both sides respectively with the sentence in German - “So einzigartig wie du”, as well as English - “As unique as you”.

For all models with linked bracelets, we additionally send the matching extension links including tools free of charge. In this way, you can individually adjust your personal piece of nature and immediately start wearing it. :)

How does an automatic watch work?

Your automatic watch works somewhat differently to a watch with Quartz movement. Because you’ve chosen a watch with mechanical movement, there is in this case no inbuilt battery and you’ll have to first give your model a little help to get it up and running.

Before you wind it up, make sure that the crown is in the normal position, which means fully pressed against the case. In order to get your watch operating, turn the crown 40 times in a clockwise direction and your watch will run for approximately 42 hours. If you wear your watch within this time, the running time is extended because the clockwork will be automatically wound up via the motion of your body.

In case your model has a variety of functions, like e.g. a date display or a dual time display, get to know these functions in advance in order to maximise the full potential of your watch.

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