Armas (Greenheart/Malachite)

Armas (Greenheart/Malachite)

Plaza de Armas in the Peruvian city Cusco is as much the cultural center of the region today as it was during the Inca empire. Allegedly, the ancient capital (then called Cuzco), was constructed in the form of a puma, and Plaza de Armas is exactly at the heart of that puma. After the Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro defeated the Incas in 1532 and took control of its capital, he renamed the center to Plaza de Armas, or the "weapons square".

This very distinct watch features real greenheart wood in the bezel and band, a radiant green malachite dial, all tied together with grey stainless steel.


  • Case: 32x42mm, made of greenheart and grey stainless steel
  • Dial: Genuine malachite
  • Movement: Quartz movement by Citizen
  • Band: 20mm width, adjustable length, made of greenheart and grey stainless steel
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