Rebekka Ferihumer

Name:Rebekka Ferihumer
Date of birth: 1995
Origin: Austria
Job: Creative Content @Holzkern
Takes photos since: Always when I'm in the right mood :)

Favorite quote:
See every human in his/her own picture.

Favorite song:
Eddie Vedder - Hard Sun

Favorite countries:
Slovenia, Scandinavia, Canada

What I'd really like to do in my life: PCT – walking from Mexico to Canada

For me spending time in nature means... Time for me. When I'm outdoors, anywhere in nature, I always can refresh my energy and I'm able to find myself again. Far away from stress and civilization I feel like the best version of myself and I'm able to relax and enjoy the moment.

For me Holzkern means... Holzkernwatches are more than just a watch, they are a symbol. My personal holzkernwatch reminds me daily to be grateful for what I've already have. Holzkern is a reminder to use my time wisely and also to take time for myself and the people I love most.

My favorite watches:
Hyde Park (Koa/Koa)


  1. The Camino del Norte
  2. Camino de Santiago - What is Pilgrimage?