A Holzkern watch is more than a regular timepiece.
It stands for natural beauty, individuality and uniqueness. Our goal is to produce timepieces that remind their owners to make the very best out of every day.

The following 7 reasons will reveal to you why a watch made of wood and stone is just the perfect fit for you.

1. You love it to be natural
Our watches are carefully crafted by hand, using only the most exquisite materials of wood and stone available.

2. Your watch should be as unique as you are
Every Holzkern timepiece is truly one of a kind. The unique textures of wood and stone make it so that all of our watches distinguish themselves from another.

Holzkern Watch 1

3. You celebrate colorful variety
Holzkern is known for its wide array of products, but beware: it can sometimes be difficult to decide on a single model when over 700 various designs stand at your disposal. ;)

4. You emphasise inner values
Holzkern watches are more than just eyecatchers. We guarantee that the inner workings of our watches are built to last.

Holzkern Watch 3

5. You want your watch to rare
Holzkern timepieces are manufactured in limited series, sometimes with only a single production line. This awards our watches a very special and distinct quality.

6. You wish for personal assistance
Happen to have questions regarding our products or the delivery process? Our customer support team will gladly answer to any inquires you might have! Simply write an e-mail to [email protected] and we’ll do our best to answer ASAP.

7. You value trust
Trust is the foundation of any good relationship. Therefore, we offer you ours: 100% satisfaction or money-back guarantee!

Holzkern Watch 4

Thousands of customers have already found their very own piece of nature. Join the Holzkern family and reserve your unique timepiece made of wood and stone.

Here are a couple of our bestsellers.

Your timepiece made of wood and stone: