Limited to 200 pieces per model

8 new citypark models for women

8 neue Stadtpark Modelle für Damen

We bring you the bright colors of summer.

NOW: Discover the various models of our Citypark collection for women made of wood, marble as well as nacre, and experience the joys of summer!

You cannot seem to decide on which watch to purchase, or do you happen to know someone who might love these brand-new designs as much as you do?

Then add your two favorite products in the cart and use the discount code “ColorfulSummer” at checkout in order to receive one of our Holzkern Double-Boxes – worth 40 € – for FREE!

Reserve your model from our brand-new designs – limited to 200 pieces per model.

Stadtpark Damen NEU 1 Stadtpark Damen NEU 2 Stadtpark Damen NEU 3

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