Hello dear friends of nature! Are you ready for a little trip to the beautiful Black Forest?

The Black Forest is my home, I grew up there on a farm in a small village. My parents have their own farm with about 80 cows, cattle and calves. Our village Reinerzau lies in the upper Kinzigtal. The valley is one of the deepest in the Black Forest, the forest goes up steeply to the left and right. Due to this depth, we've got a special feature for Germany: we've got no mobile phone reception on our farm. No radiation comes up to our yard, there is no reception with any provider. It's an incredibly beautiful feeling to be at home without being available - you can simply switch off your mobile phone, as well as your head and spirit :)

Another nice feature of the countryside: streetlights are switched off at 10pm. Since we live far away from the next bigger city, we don't have any light pollution after 10pm - and therefore get the chance to admire a beautiful starry sky.

Here in the Black Forest, there are a lot of beautiful and natural places. I frequently just grab my camera at home and wander through the area aimlessly - there is always something to discover. With all the traveling, it's always good to return to your roots to work on the farm and enjoy life away from the hustle and bustle :)