It doesn´t always have to be a mountain chain glittering in a lake, brightly colored clouds in the ocean-like sky or another familiar setting for photographs. I am particularly fascinated by forests or standalone trees, as every single tree shows unparalleled beauty, uniqueness and therefore tells its own personal story.

Every time you search for new themes in the early morning forest, there is something mysterious. When you find that perfect spot in the forest and the very first sunrays of the day begin to find a path through the branches, brightening the beautiful scenery, capturing this very moment becomes a joy.

But even when there is no such atmosphere, the forest still is a treasure trove for locations that seem unremarkable for photography at first glance. A closer look often reveals amazing formations and play of colours that create an amazing motive after all.

If you miss the wood for the trees and get home without a picture - it doesn´t matter - enjoying the absolute silence you find in the nature is worth a trip by itself. I certainly feel the pull of another forest waiting to be discovered and look forward to experience adventures in our nature.