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#HolzkernForest: You save, we plant!
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Use the discount code HolzkernForest and receive a 5% discount on your order - we’ll invest a further 10% from your order in a mutual reforestation project in Uganda.

This is how easily we’ll plant trees for you:

1. WHAT?

Place your favorite product in the shopping cart.

2. HOW?

At the checkout, enter the discount code HolzkernForest and receive a 5% discount on your order.


We’ll donate a further 10% from your order toward the Jane Goodall Institute in Austria, and this will support a mutual reforestation project in Uganda.

Forest Month at Holzkern

"The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The next best time is now."

- Ugandan proverb

Why trees?

"More Giving than Taking" - we’re convinced that every person should act according to this principle and, as a producer of natural products and supplier for our nature-loving customers, we do our best to put this into practice.

Trees are valuable transformers of carbon dioxide into oxygen, they generate vital ecosystems and are life-givers for people and animals. This is why we want to support them and act decisively against continuous deforestation.

Together with the Jane Goodall Institute, we’re investing in the project of planting trees in Uganda with every order.

Jane Goodall

"We are not asking for charity to help save the wildlife – and ultimately the people – of Africa. We are asking for a collective investment in the future and in a legacy that we can be proud of. We do not have much time left. We must act now."

- Dr. Jane Goodall

The Project

The Jane Goodall Institute is represented by 32 institutes worldwide, including in Austria.

With the Forest Corridor Project in Uganda, the institute aims for two currently separated forest areas that were once a whole system to be reconnected again. Thanks to this connecting corridor, an intact ecosystem should become established which stabilizes the water table, guarantees access to clean drinking water, allows for sustainable land and forestry management and the survival of regional wildlife, including isolated chimpanzees.

In addition to the reforestation of this region, the local populace is made aware of the issues at hand with the help of workshops and seminars on site.

Forest Month at Holzkern

*Discounts and special offers cannot be combined. For every order using the discount code "HolzkernForest", 10% of the total order value will be donated to the Jane Goodall Institute in Austria after the 24-day refund period has expired.

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