Watches made with snake chain design and jewellery crafted from nacre - these collections take us on a journey into the desert!

Unbelievable beauty lies dormant in the dry sand, unique wildflowers rest beneath the surface. Magically, the desert comes to life and is transformed into a sea of blossoms. Just as unforeseen power lies in nature, amazing potential awaits to be discovered by you.

Let your self-confidence bloom like a wildflower, and believe that you can achieve anything you commit yourself to!

Charmer Collection

Have you noticed that your body language changes according to your mood? Someone who’s sad will make themselves small, someone who’s happy and self-confident will expand and radiate positivity. But this game can also be turned around! It’s been proven that particular kinds of body language can sink our levels of the stress hormone cortisol, and thereby increase our self-confidence.

With these products and power poses, you can increase your sense of self-worth. Just give it a try!

Spectral Collection

We are strong on our own, but together we are unbeatable! Watches and jewellery made from stainless steel and nacre can be combined amazingly well. The special snake chain design of these wristwatches matches perfectly to the wildflower design of our jewellery pieces, and gives your look that exhilarating flair of the desert.

The same materials - complementary designs

Let yourself be inspired

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