"These are the nights that never die" This passage from Avicii's song "The Nights" always comes to mind when I go camping. But the nights of this one clear summer weekend are best remembered of all.

It was very warm, the sky clear and our village was in a peaceful mood. I had dinner with my family when I spontaneously decided to go camping. So I packed up all my things, took my moped and drove to the Grimsel Pass. When I arrived at the Grimsel Pass, I walked to a suitable campsite with my flashlight, which I found after about 30 minutes. It was after midnight and I set up my tent, took out the tripod and the camera and tried to take some night shots in the strong moonlight. I took my pictures and enjoyed the nice atmosphere a little bit.

The next day, my friend and I made our way to the Sidelhorn and celebrated "the fire of the Alps" with many other hikers. It's a cosy get-together, talking and when it gets dark, a big fire is lit. The background of this event is to appreciate the beauty and diversity of nature. After we slept a bit, our alarm clock rang at 3am. What we got to see was unique. A wild sea of fog was passing the Rohnental in front of us. This was the reason why all tiredness was forgotten. When the sun still came up, the whole picture became even more magical. To be honest, this was the most beautiful sunrise I had ever seen.

I still think back to this weekend a lot. There were so many magical moments and nature showed itself from its most beautiful side once again. I am sure that I will not forget this experience for a long time and that I will remember it many more times, because these are the days that are unforgettable!