The stone that contains the light of the moon

Moonstone’s mysterious name is thanks to its wonderful appearance. Its blue-white radiance, and the way the light dances on its surface, reminds us of how gently the moon illuminates the night with its silvery sheen.

Moonstone is truly magnificent, and it fits perfectly with the bestselling jewellery pieces of our Composition Collection.

Waterproof - No colour fade

Handcrafted - Small production amounts

Genuine moonstone - 24k gold plating - Platinum plating

Moonstone: Often imitated, but 100% genuine at Holzkern

The visible variegations and mildly opaque colours are not an indication of flawed quality, on the contrary, they provide proof of the authenticity of our gemstones. Genuine moonstone is incredibly rare - it crystallizes while cooling out of hot stone, and trace elements become included that lend this stone its distinctively textured colouring.

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