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The Cliffhanger Collection (42mm)

The Cliffhanger Collection

Wood and stone combined with robust stainless steel -

Durable and high-quality Design

More about the Cliffhanger collection:

In its own way, Mother Nature is creating unique rock formations and coastal sections with impressive cliffs through the sheer force of her elements. Formed over several millennia, those natural sculptures transform each landscape into something wonderfully unique and proves yet again that nature is the most patient of Earth’s artists.

Our Cliffhanger collection is dedicated to those natural works of art and should remind one of the awesome elemental forces which led to their creation.

Grab onto the edge with your very own Cliffhanger.

Your very own one-of-a-kind

Cliffhanger Kollektion 1 Cliffhanger Kollektion 2 Cliffhanger Kollektion 3 Cliffhanger Kollektion 4