At the beginning of this year, I started my first road trip, just to take pictures together with my best friend.

This trip went to Lake Eibsee: Inspired by the colours, the clear blue water with the greenish shimmering islands, the mountains, and the surrounding forests, I have been to Lake Eibsee several times since then. Simply to photograph it in different light moods, to discover new spots again and again and to enjoy the time there.

I also visited some spots in the immediate vicinity, which are all special in themselves.
The Partnachklamm, for example, is one of those spots that simply inspires. Torrential, blue water in the middle of a deep gorge, which one crosses through individual tunnels dug into the rock, while it drips down from above.

The Geroldsee with its many huts is a magnet for photographers at sunrise, where you are almost never alone. But also rightly so, as in the morning there is an unbelievable atmosphere in the fog! Next year, I will return to the area several times in order to discover new places, but also to capture the familiar spots and simply spend time in nature.