Corona (Wenge/Wenge)

Corona (Wenge/Wenge)

During a solar eclipse, an aura of plasma around the sun can be seen with the naked eye, this is the sun’s corona, the most magnificent crown in our solar system.

Our model Corona emanates a bit of this brilliance as well with brushed stainless steel in rose gold, accented by a dark wenge wood.

Experience the power of the sun every day with a solar-powered Corona.


  • Case: 36 mm diameter, made of wenge and brushed stainless steel in rose gold
  • Dial: Wenge with a fine grain
  • Movement: Solar movement by Epson
  • Band: adjustable length, made of wenge and brushed stainless steel in rose gold

*Our customers loved this model so much it is now completely out of stock and sold out until early December. 

All of our products are made in small quantities so that we can concentrate on offering our customers the greatest variety possible. So if this model has won your heart, your best bet at getting it is to pre-order one now from the next production line which will begin shipping in early December.

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