Diogenes (Amaranth/Apricot)

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Diogenes of Sinope was a founder of the Cynic philosophy, a precursor to the Stoic school of thought. He held firm to the idea that one should strive to live a simpler lifestyle, that civilization was regressive, and demonstrated this by publicly criticizing social values, noted philosophers such as Plato and Socrates, and even Alexander the Great.

To him, virtue was best demonstrated in action rather than in theory, and there are many instances of note in which he does this. Perhaps the earliest would be the debasement of currency: the challenge of money's value in civilized society which led to his exile from Sinope. He was also reported to have walked around town during the daytime carrying a lamp, claiming to be on the search for an honest man. 

Diogenes the Cynic would come to declare himself a "cosmopolitan"—the first known use of the word— and a citizen of the world, and this at a time when one's identity was so closely tied to their citizenship. His austere view of society included the rather simple notion that the artificial growths of civilization are incompatible with happiness and in this way, a return to the simplicity of nature is the moral course. 

To a great Cynic, the first cosmopolitan, and a valuable truth-sayer, we dedicate this bold model made of amaranth, black apricot and leadwood.


  • Case: 38mm diameter, made of amaranth and leadwood
  • Dial: Black apricot with fine texture
  • Movement: Automatic movement made by Sea-Gull
  • Band: 20mm width, adjustable length, made of amaranth and leadwood
EAN: # 9120078331330

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