Edelweiss (Leadwood/Ash)

Edelweiss (Leadwood/Ash)

The name "edelweiss" comes from the German compound of the words "edel" (noble) and "weiß" (white). This elusive plant grows comfortably in out of reach and largely inaccessible mountain terrain. To capture a queen of the Alpine flowers is no easy task and for that reason it has been adopted by cultures of the region as a symbol of perseverance, ruggedness, boldness, and the purity of the Alpine mountains and those who traverse them.
A combination of leadwood with light brown maple and ash is our visual representation of this precious white flower nestled in between dark rocks.


  • Case: 36mm diameter, made of leadwood
  • Dial: A compound of ash and maple
  • Movement: Quartz movement by Citizen
  • Band: 16mm width, adjustable length, made of leadwood
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