Fair pricing & reinvestment in the environment

Faire Preise bei Holzkern

Here, everybody works hand in hand because we all fully believe in the idea of Holzkern. This is also why our sales concept runs so efficiently, and why such little time passes from the time you place your order until the time you hold your own wooden watch in your hands.

The journey begins with the selection of your favorite timepiece via the virtual shopping cart, to our warehouse where we pack your selection after carefully checking its quality, and then sending it on its way so that you can wear it a few days later. Our young company’s short reaction times enable us to produce your watch with the best quality at the best price. We don’t believe in unnecessary knick-knacks, but rather put our focus on high-quality natural products.

To ensure that this process continues to be established on a give-and-take basis, we invest in our environment through a range of various partnerships. With your help, 10% of your order value can be invested in environmental and social projects. Together, we can make a contribution to climate protection and social assistance. Find out more about our current partners and how this works under “help now”!

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