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Our customer support team: Luca, Judith, Sophia, Julia, Birgit, Junita & Elisabeth

You have questions, requests, suggestions? We are happy to help!

We know from our own experiences that there can be doubts when it comes to buying products online due to uncertainties in the ordering process or missing information about the products. That is why we want to provide you 100% of the information about our procedures and the products before you place the order. The following FAQs hopefully answer most of the questions in advance.

If you already received your watch, you can find a short instruction for commissioning your timepiece. Our slideshow gives you additional information about the adjustment of your watch strap. We hope you enjoy your piece of nature!

If you want to receive further information about our products or delivery of your package, feel free to mail us at Our Customer Support Team looks forward to answer all your questions as soon as possible. :)


Which advantage do I have in establishing a costumer account?

Click this link to sign up as a costumer in our shop. Afterwards you have insight to all your past orders as well as the status of your current order. What is more, thanks to the account there is no need to enter your personal datas for each purchase you want to make.

What payment options are available?

Our watches can be easily bought by bank transfer, Paypal or credit card.

I haven’t received an order confirmation. What to do?

Once you have ordered in the online shop, you will receive an order confirmation via e-mail.

If you haven't received this within one hour, this might be for one of the following reasons:

  • Did you perhaps enter the wrong e-mail address?
  • Has the e-mail ended up in the spam folder of your e-mail account?
  • The order wasn't completed successfully. Please check in your user account, whether the order has actually been entered into our system. If it hasn't, please submit the order again.

How does shipment work?

Shipment is free of charge for all of our customers wherever they may be. After placing your order you will receive an order confirmation email and your order will be prepared for dispatch within the following 24 hours (except for orders placed during the weekend). Once your order has been prepared for dispatch and handed over to our carrier we'll send you a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number. To ensure safe and speedy transportation, our products are delivered within 10 days by UPS or DHL (exception: pre-orders, when we don ́t have your product in stock).

Can I change my order afterwards?

Your order will be processed and shipped within a very short time. In this way we can guarantee fast delivery times but are unable to make any retrospective changes.


How do I find a watch in the correct size?

Our variety of watch models offers timepieces in various sizes – therefore we ensure to provide the perfect accessory for every wrist. The wooden watch straps can be adjusted with included spare links until it fits you perfectly. Please keep the remaining spare parts so you can change the links if you damage any on your watch. Our leather watch straps are provided in standard sizes for men and women. If you want to check out the exact sizes of our watches, please go to our online shop and you will find the information in the section called product details.

Why does my watch look different than the one in the online store?

The resources used in our watches are natural materials. As every tree and every stone is inimitable our watches are unique as well and you receive an unmistakable original. Accordingly there are individual distinctions like the texture and the colour of every watch. It is truly your personal piece of nature :)

How does my watch perform in daily life? Is it waterproof?

Wooden watches are comfortable to wear as they are light-weight and a particular haptic ensures pleasant wearing on your wrist. In general the watches don ́t need extra maintenance. However, as wood is a natural resource which can be damaged with external forces a certain degree of carefulness is recommended.

Splash water is basically not a problem for our watches - in general you should avoid contact with water. Please put down your timepiece if you take a shower or wash your hands.

How do I put my Holzkern watch into operation?

After receiving your watch, the crown is pulled-out to extend battery life. You can rotate the crown in this position to adjust the exact time. Afterwards you just have to gently push the crown inward and your watch comes alive :)

I have a watch with chronographs and want to know how to set it right.

Watch with chronograph

This model comes with an integrated stopwatch function. Press the upper button to start and hold it and the lower one to reset it. Click here or on the icon left to find all necessary instructions about the settings.

I have an automatic watch and want to know how to put it into operation.

Automatic watch

Automatic watches run without battery since its mainspring is wound automatically as a result of the natural motion of the wearer. Once fully wound, automatic watches generally should operate 30-40 hours. In case you don’t wear your timepiece for one day, it is possible that you have to readjust it. In order to do that simply give your watch a start-up support and rotate the crown 40 times. Now your watch should be fully wound and operate at least for one day flawlessly, given that it is worn or moved. Click here or on the icon left to find all necessary instructions about the settings.

How can I adjust a band with screws to the correct size?

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How can I adjust a band with pins to the correct size?

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How can I adjust a band with spring pins to the correct size?

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Do Holzkern products contain Nickel?

All metal parts of our products are made of nickel-free stainless steel. Therefore, Holzkern products are generally well-suited to people with allergies. In case you show an allergic reaction against expectation, it is possible to refund you the amount.


What should I do if the product I receive is faulty?

All our watches are hand-made, that's the reason why seldomly mistakes occur. We claim that all our products stand up to our high quality standards and therefore we always want to support our customers as fast as possible.

In order to help you in this case, please write us an email to Please don’t forget to include following details in your message:

  • a picture and description of the defect
  • your invoice number

Accordingly we will give our best to find a fast solution for you. :)

Is it possible to return my Holzkern-watch?

In case your watch is still unworn, you have the right to return your watch within 24 days. Therefore please fill in the withdrawal form and send your watch to following address: Absberggasse 27/7/14, 1100 Vienna, Austria. In this case you bear the costs for return shipment.

In order to guarantee fast settlement, please enclose the withdrawal form with your package.

As we are always trying to improve our performance, please write us your feedback under :)

Is it possible to change my Holzkern-watch to get another model?

In case your watch is still unworn, you have the right to return your watch within 24 days. You can cancel your contract using the withdrawal form (see above “Is it possible to return my Holzkern-watch?”). Please place your new order in our online shop as we have to issue a new invoice.

As soon as we receive your watch, we will refund you the amount. :)