Heraclitus (Wenge/Tiger's Eye)

Heraclitus (Wenge/Tiger Eye)

Also referred to as "The Obscure", "The Dark", and the "Weeping Philosopher", the pre-Socratic Greek philosopher Heraclitus insisted that constant change is the fundamental essence of the universe and that there is a compelling unity of opposites in our world driven by a series of transformations balanced by a system of exchanges.Fire in this case, was the most fundamental element from which all other elements came, i.e., it is the origin of all things according to Heraclitus. Following the principle of trading commodities for gold, fire could be exchanged for air, air could then be exchanged for water, and water could be exchanged for more and so forth.

In the words of Heraclitus, "No man ever steps in the same river twice." Fire in exchange for air, air in exchange for water, water in exchange for trees, trees in exchange for wood, wood in exchange for this watch, this watch in exchange for...


  • Case: 38mm diameter, made of wenge wood
  • Dial: Genuine Tiger's eye
  • Movement: Automatic movement by Sea-Gull
  • Band: 20mm width, adjustable length, made of wenge wood
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