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Holzkern Gift Card Version 6

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  • Delivery: within one hour via e-mail

You are looking for a present for a good friend and you simply can not decide? Then just buy a gift card and let them choose their favourite piece of nature.

How does it work?

Enter the value of the gift card and choose your favourite image.

Moreover you can directly send the gift card via e-mail to a dear person. To do so choose the field “Send Gift Card to friend” and enter their name, e-Mail and maybe a small message for that person.

After you purchased the gift card we will send you an e-mail containing the gift code and a link to print the gift card. Or get creative and style your own gift card :)

If you selected “Send Gift Card to friend” we also send an e-mail containing the gift code to the chosen person. Perfect if you can not show up in person ;)

Important note for the gift-giver: Please make the recipient aware that a voucher can ONLY be redeemed in our online shop. It is not possible to redeem it in our Holzkern stores, at our third-party dealers or jewellers.

EAN: # giftcard6