Natural resources & impeccable handcraft

Natural resources

Thanks to the combination of selected hardwoods and stones, and the lovingly handcrafted production of our watches, each watch is an exclusive piece of nature for your wrist.
When selecting these natural resources, we put special focus on high quality and uniqueness. Thanks to the individual grain and coloring of every piece of wood and stone, your model becomes a wonderfully distinctive piece of nature that fits you personally and can become a daily companion.
Not all wood and marble-types are the same, and therefore each watch has an individual structure and a unique pattern – your personal piece of nature for everyday life.

We make sure to only use recycled raw materials from other industries to manufacture our products. This means that no trees need to be cut down. You can find more information on our different types of wood and stone here.

Not only are we fully committed to designing and producing special watches, but we also check each watch by hand for quality and functionality. Every single watch is put through its paces before it is released for shipment. The watches only go on sale when our quality control staff are absolutely convinced of their functionality. By carefully checking every single one of our watches we can promise every customer the best possible quality.

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