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We are on holidays?
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  1. The Holzkern Advent Calendar

    We love Advent and will offer you from now on a daily Advent-Special that is limited to 24 hours :) . . . <more>

  2. The Holzkern Advent Calendar
  3. NEW: The Cliffhanger Collection

    In its own way, mother nature is creating unique rock formations and coastal sections with impressi . . . <more>

  4. NEW: The Cliffhanger Collection
  5. Holzkern Bracelets

    We are happy to finally announce our unique bracelets. Carefully selected hardwood is the key to mak . . . <more>

  6. Holzkern Bracelets
  7. The collectors box

    88 different watch designs, 4 watches in each collection - choosing one piece of nature can get quit . . . <more>

  8. The collectors box