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A new collection of wood and stone watches is arriving?!
The Holzkern team is going to the woods for a holiday?
Don't worry, you can get informed about everything right here :)

  1. The Sundance Collection (40mm)

    The new solar-powered watches in the Sundance Collection are Holzkern’s contribution to the narrowed gap between nature and modern technology. Named after impressive solar phenomena, the eye-catching models in this collection feature a modern design with a combination of stainless steel, and a . . .

  2. The Sundance Collection (40mm)
  3. The Holzkern World Cup

    Whether or not you like football, you’ll definitely enjoy our World Cup ;) 32 contestants - 1 World Champion. Here’s how it's done: 1. Every day from June 15th to July 15th two Holzkern watches will go up against each other. The watch with the fewest votes is eliminated and the winner wi . . .

  4. The Holzkern World Cup
  5. Holzkern Bracelets

    THE TIME HAS COME: 20 new Holzkern bracelets are now available! After a considerable period of development, we are pleased to finally announce the release of 20 new Holzkern bracelet designs. As with our watches, carefully selected hardwoods ensure that each bracelet is an entirely unique piece of . . .

  6. Holzkern Bracelets
  7. The Camelot Collection (45mm)

    Home to the fabled King Arthur, Camelot is the castle and court where he assembled the legendary Round Table, a round wooden piece of furniture which became a timeless symbol for for an equitable distribution of power. The Knights of the Round Table are the inspiration for this unique collection fe . . .

  8. The Camelot Collection (45mm)
  9. The Collector's Box

    More than 130 different watch designs, in limited series - selecting your own piece of nature can be quite a challenge :) Right now we are offering a special promotion for those of you who would like to acquire more of our Holzkern watches: For every order containing four watches, you will receive . . .

  10. The Collector's Box