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A new collection of wood and stone watches is arriving?!
The Holzkern team is going to the woods for a holiday?
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  1. The Horizon Collection (45 mm)

    Discover new perspectives with the new models in the men’s Horizon collection. As a change in scenery can offer divergence from a routine mindset, the impressive models of the Horizon collection can be yet another reminder that you need not venture far beyond your comfort zone in order to great . . .

  2. The Horizon Collection (45 mm)
  3. The Citypark Collection (36 mm)

    Live the dream with a reminder of something green We’re pleased to announce that our new Citypark models for women are now available. Recover from the bustle of the city and take a break somewhere where the birds sing! Experience the unique elegance of our Citypark models with slim 7mm cas . . .

  4. The Citypark Collection (36 mm)
  5. The Classic Collection (42mm)

    No battery? No problem. Meet the new Holzkern Automatic models for Men. Sound the trumpets! A few more philosophers have joined the ranks at Holzkern. We’re pleased to announce the arrival of Aristotle, Socrates, Pythagoras and Empedocles to our Classic Collection! NOW: Get your favo . . .

  6. The Classic Collection (42mm)
  7. Autumn’s Hottest Holzkern Couple

    Each and every Holzkern watch is unique - but they become even more beautiful when they find their perfect match. Vote for the hottest Holzkern couple and WIN! Here is the plan: 1) We will introduce you to 2 Holzkern couples every day until September 30th —> click here and vote for your . . .

  8. Autumn’s Hottest Holzkern Couple
  9. The Collector's Box

    More than 200 different watch designs, in limited series - selecting your own piece of nature can be quite a challenge :) Right now we are offering a special promotion for those of you who would like to acquire more of our Holzkern watches: For every order containing four watches, you will receive . . .

  10. The Collector's Box