News at Holzkern

Here you can read the latest news about what's going on at Holzkern.
A new collection is arriving?
We are on holiday?
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  1. Treetop Special Edition

    We're happy to announce a new, limited edition model in our Cross Country collection, the "Treetop" . . . <more>

  2. Treetop Special Edition
  3. The 4 Seasons Anniversary Edition (40mm)

    We are celebrating our anniversary at Holzkern and thought it would be nice to commemorate the occas . . . <more>

  4. The 4 Seasons Anniversary Edition (40mm)
  5. The Classic Collection (38mm)

    Classical antiquity has been touted by some as an incredible period of social and cultural innovatio . . . <more>

  6. The Classic Collection (38mm)
  7. Holzkern Bracelets

    We are pleased to finally announce that our unique bracelets are available for sale. Carefully selec . . . <more>

  8. Holzkern Bracelets