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A new collection of wood and stone watches is arriving?!
The Holzkern team is going to the woods for a holiday?
Don't worry, you can get informed about everything right here :)

  1. The 4 Seasons Collection (40mm)

    More Variety. More Joy. New additions to the 4 Seasons collection. A Holzkern classic turns a new leaf The 4 Seasons was our very first and remains one of the most popular collections with our customers. Naturally, we’d like to follow that up by offering you even more variety to choose fro . . .

  2. The 4 Seasons Collection (40mm)
  3. The Silk Road Collection (36mm)

    The Silk Road Limited Edition Collection is our latest creation, with each model in the series limited to just 200 pieces. Regarded as the world’s oldest trade connection, the Silk Road has served as a vital path between East Asia, China, and Europe for centuries. A journey along the Silk Ro . . .

  4. The Silk Road Collection (36mm)
  5. The Highline Collection (42mm)

    Innovation made by Nature.Our new Highline models with Two-Face Dials We are working every day at Holzkern to offer our customers a unique variety of products, and with natural materials and innovative designs we are able to offer you a very personal piece of . . .

  6. The Highline Collection (42mm)
  7. Holzkern Bracelets

    THE TIME HAS COME: 32 new Holzkern bracelets are now available for sale! After a long initial phase in development, we are very happy to finally announce that 32 brand-new bracelets are available for sale. Carefully selected natural materials ensure that each Holzkern bracelet is a unique piece . . .

  8. Holzkern Bracelets
  9. The Time For Friends Discount

    Summertime = Time for Friends The 20% Holzkern discount for you and your favorite human. Only for a limited time! Time is precious and you should spend it with the people you love the most :) To celebrate your friendship with a token reminder of the time you spend together, you and your best bud . . .

  10. The Time For Friends Discount