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This page is home to the latest news from Holzkern.
A new collection of wood and stone watches is arriving?!
The Holzkern team is going to the woods for a holiday?
Don't worry, you can get informed about everything right here :)

  1. The Modern Times Collection (41mm)

    Named after famous explorers of the modern era, this collection offers creative new designs for thes . . . <more>

  2. The Modern Times Collection (41mm)
  3. Blackwood Special Edition (45mm)

    Always looking to offer our customers something completely unique, we're please to announce the rele . . . <more>

  4. Blackwood Special Edition (45mm)
  5. The Fairy Tale Collection (38mm)

    Stories and fairy tales mark our way from the early childhood on and impart moral concepts and ideal . . . <more>

  6. The Fairy Tale Collection (38mm)
  7. The Collector's Box

    More than 130 different watch designs, in limited series - selecting your own piece of nature can be . . . <more>

  8. The Collector's Box
  9. Holzkern Bracelets

    We are pleased to finally announce that our unique bracelets are available for sale. Carefully selec . . . <more>

  10. Holzkern Bracelets
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