Elegant bracelets — a perfect fit for your Holzkern wood watch

Holzkern Bracelets

Holzkern Bracelets

THE TIME HAS COME: 20 new Holzkern bracelets are now available!

After a considerable period of development, we are pleased to finally announce the release of 20 new Holzkern bracelet designs. As with our watches, carefully selected hardwoods ensure that each bracelet is an entirely unique piece of jewelry.

Lovers of wooden jewelry will rejoice with a total of 36 different eye-catching combinations of wood and stainless steel to choose from, all of which are exceptionally compatible when styled with our wood watches.

We intend for our products to be more than just stylish timekeeping devices or accessories. With that in mind we’ve named each one of the bracelets in our new collection after elements from music, because music is one of the best ways to remember life’s most beautiful moments.

Make the most out of your time,

Your Holzkern team

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