Take the chance to get more Holzkern Watches with this secret discount for existing customers

The Holzkern Regular Customer Discount

The Holzkern Regular Customer Discount

Our customer base is as essential to Holzkern as a healthy trunk is to any great tree, it is the core strength which is relied upon to reach its greatest height! :)
For this reason, we would like to extend an offer of particular interest to our existing customers:

If you are interested in having more of our watches you now have the chance to buy 2 watches with 20% discount and receive our Collector’s Box worth 40€ for free.

It’s this easy to participate:

1) Ad your 2 favorite watches in the shopping cart
2) Enter the discount code “holzkernstamm” upon checkout
3) We will send your new watches and your Collector’s Box right away

We offer our sincere thanks for your trust and support and will continue working hard to be able offer you more unique products as we continue to grow.