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The Citypark Collection (36 mm)

The Citypark Collection (36 mm)

Live the dream with a reminder of something green We’re pleased to announce that our new Citypark models for women are now available.

Recover from the bustle of the city and take a break somewhere where the birds sing!

Experience the unique elegance of our Citypark models with slim 7mm cases - perfect for thin wrists.

NOW: Get your favorite while supplies last!

More about the Citypark Collection:

One in search of a semblance of calm in even the densest metropolis can seek refuge in the oasis of a tranquil city park. The watch designs in the City Park collection lend a modern style with elements of urban areas to the wearer.

Named after some of the most beautiful city parks in the world, these elegant timepieces feature 36mm dials made of wood or marble, 7 mm housings, and bezels in a variety of different colors all secured to your wrist with a genuine nubuck leather or vegan leather wristband.

Stadtpark Damen 1 Stadtpark Damen 2 Stadtpark Damen 3 Stadtpark Damen 4 Stadtpark Damen 5