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The Cross Country Rocks Special Edition (45mm)

The Cross Country Rocks Special Edition (45mm)

We're excited that summer is right around the corner and thought we'd release another special edition series to celebrate! Now available for sale are four fantastic new models in our best-selling Cross Country Collection, each of them definite head-turning statement-makers.

The four models in this new series will be limited to 200 pieces for each model, so they'll be sold out quickly.

If one of these new models is the one you love, then order now while supplies last!

More about the Cross Country Collection:

Throughout history, mankind has turned to the forest as a source of raw materials. Forever a part of our history and cultural heritage, the woods have in recent times also become a place for rest and relaxation.

The eight wooden watches in this collection should serve as a daily reminder of the calm and tranquil parts of our forests, as well as one of the greatest ways to clear your mind: the cross-country run.

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