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The Dream Worlds Collection (36mm)

The Dream Worlds Collection (36mm)

Dreams do come true!
That’s why there’s now a necklace and alternate bezel for our new Dream Worlds collection, for free!

So you can customize your watch’s colorway or combine it with the chain.
Have fun wearing  :)

More about the Dream Worlds collection:

Our dreams are as integral to our lives as the air we breathe.
Each of us dreams - an average of five to seven years of our lives is spent in other worlds while we give our brain the opportunity to regenerate.  

At night, we dream to recover from everyday life. By day we dream to live.
Dreams relax us, make our lives more exciting and the pursuit of our dreams makes sense of our existence.  

In a filigree style with an elegant combination of wood, stone and stainless steel, our models are reminiscent of the diversity and magic within our very own dream worlds.
For those who dreamed of greater customization, these models also feature an innovative easy-switch bezel system allowing you to change up the style of your watch.  

Take time to have new dreams and act on them in everyday life!    

NOW: Get your Dreamworld with a free necklace and alternate lunette and wear the perfect accessory to your wooden watch every day. Only while stocks last!

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