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The Highline Collection (42mm)

The Highline Collection (42mm)

Innovation made by Nature.
Our new Highline models with Two-Face Dials

We are working every day at Holzkern to offer our customers a unique variety of products, and with natural materials and innovative designs we are able to offer you a very personal piece of nature like no other.

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More about the Highline collection:

Whether it is fallen tree, constellations of eroded stone, or the lianas of jungle vines, the first bridge builders drew inspiration for their ideas from nature. Even nowadays, many modern bridge layouts are based upon the static principles of their natural predecessors.

Since antiquity, bridges have connected not only shores and riverbanks, but also people and cultures. The chronographic watch models in our Highline collection have a very handsome design prominently featuring a beautiful wood bezel and distinctive dials of wood or stone with steel accents, two sub-dials, and a date window.

Highline Herren NEU 1
Highline Herren NEU 2
Highline Herren NEU 3
Highline Herren NEU 4
Highline Herren NEU 5