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The Horizon Collection (45 mm)

The Horizon Collection (45 mm)

Discover new perspectives with the new models in the men’s Horizon collection.

As a change in scenery can offer divergence from a routine mindset, the impressive models of the Horizon collection can be yet another reminder that you need not venture far beyond your comfort zone in order to greatly change your perspective. Broaden your horizon!

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More about the Horizon Collection:

Ancient Greek astronomers used the words “horízōn (kuklos)", meaning ‘limiting (circle)’, when describing the limits of our visual perception of the Earth and the celestial bodies which surround it. As a border between the sky and our earthly kingdoms, the horizon offers not only overpowering spectacles of nature, but also demonstrates the boundaries of our minds in that as your point of view shifts, so too will your horizon.

Horizont Herren 1
Horizont Herren 2
Horizont Herren 3
Horizont Herren 4