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The Nautic Collection (43mm)

The Nautic Collection (43mm)

A look beneath the surface
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A unique combination of sultry stainless steel and wonderful wood is brought together in a unique design with a nautical flair to remind the wearer of the incredibly diverse and lively places that lay beneath the surface of our planet’s great blue oceans and seas.

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More about the Nautic Collection:

Earth's final frontier— the depths of our planet's great oceans: magical underwater worlds that can show us flora and fauna in a completely different light, or with no light at all. The abyssal plains covering more than half of our planet's surface look as if they were from an entirely different world; a place nearly devoid of life and where time stands still.

At the same time, parts of the Earth's oceans are home to these amazing displays of biodiversity, namely coral reefs. These incredible structures are formed over the course of several centuries by little polyps, a tiny builder organism that attaches itself to rocks on the sea floor, then buds into thousands of clones which can eventually form massive reefs, some of which can even be seen from space.

Each model in this collection features a handsome nautical design and a combination of real wood and quality stainless steel to provide the wearer with what we hope to be an impressive reminder of these natural wonders.

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