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The Paradise Collection (36mm)

The Paradise Collection (36mm)

A Piece of Heaven :)
Discover the 4 new designs in our Paradise Collection with unique mother-of-pearl dials.

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More about the Paradise Collection:

You slip your toes into the warm, soft white sandy beach, thick green palm leaves offer a friendly retreat from the hot sun, but you've only just arrived and can't turn your eyes away from the vast deep-blue ocean in front of you. You take a deep breath, feel the sun on your skin, and enjoy a blissful moment in paradise.

Named after paradisal islands, the models of this collection embody the spirit of simplistic natural beauty. Slim case designs made of fine hardwood and stainless steel material accentuate the real nacre dials which are minimally marked to showcase their quality and maintain a minimalistic aesthetic.

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NEW: Make sure you receive your model of the new designs from our first production series – only while supplies last.

Paradise 1 Paradise 2 Paradise 3 Paradise 4