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The Peacock Birthday Edition (40mm)

The Peacock Birthday Edition (40mm)

3 years of Holzkern and over 300 different designs of wood & stone.

We’re celebrating the natural diversity we’ve achieved with our Peacock collection—a very extravagant design limited to 500 pieces per model.

More about the Peacock collection:

Full of pride he struts about, fanning a vibrant plume of feathers and delighting those around him with his exceptional flair—the peacock is a magnificent creature.

Its colorful feathers and beauty earned it a special position in the animal kingdom and is even a commonly used verb to describe the behavior of those most exuberant among us.
In this way the peacock is worshiped in many cultures worldwide and described in countless myths and legends as a diverse and endearing character.

NOW: Get your Holzkern watch made with a real peacock feather and its own unique serial number - limited to 500 pieces per model.

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