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The Silk Road Collection (36mm)

The Silk Road Collection (36mm)

The Silk Road Limited Edition Collection is our latest creation, with each model in the series limited to just 200 pieces.

Regarded as the world’s oldest trade connection, the Silk Road has served as a vital path between East Asia, China, and Europe for centuries.

A journey along the Silk Road seems like something of legend with 10,000 km of trails stretching through dangerous passes and across vast deserts. Be it culture, religion, goods for trade, or an epic story—travelers and merchants from all over established this route as a place for exchange and growth, marking it as one of the most critical paths toward a more globalized world.

With a playful connection between the case and the bracelet, our 4 models are designed to remind you of the magical adventures in the desert and to serve as a daily reminder to stay open for something new!

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