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The Terra Collection (40mm)

The Terra Collection (40mm)

Time for unknown worlds :)
Discover our new Terra Collection and reach new depths!

More about the Terra Collection:

Darkness, silence, and loneliness fill us with fear, yet for some reason the allure of the vast unknown and unexplored expanses in caves fascinate us. Something incredible happens in a place where fascination and curiosity prevail. Fear becomes excitement, strength, and joy. A feeling well known to those first plunging into the depths of a cave. Those souls who have lost themselves in the darkness and are able to keep calm can find light, and their way out.

One might not expect enlightenment to come from within the darkness of a cave, but deep down in the earth there is no noise, nothing to distract you—only silence and utter darkness.
Nothing remains. Just you.

With a modern design and a combination of metal, wood, and stone, our Terra collection serves as a token reminder of Earth’s most breathtaking caves with a high-contrast rounded dial symbolizing the transition into another world. These timepieces should remind you to boldly go into the unknown and discover yourself in the process.

Face the darkness and see the light!

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