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The Urban Style Collection (40mm)

The Urban Style Collection (40mm)

Less is more.
Our new Urban Style Models are now available for sale!

We are working every day at Holzkern to offer our customers a unique variety of products, and with natural materials and innovative designs we are able to offer you a very personal piece of nature like no other.

Order now: Our latest creations in the Urban Style collection. Minimalist designs. Clean structures. Simple with a natural aesthetic. Get your favorite model while supplies last!

More about the Urban Style Collection:

High above the city’s rooftops.
Stand out from the crowd.
Stay true to yourself.
Find your style.
Be unique.
Less is more with our urban style collection.
Focus on the essentials.
Be yourself!

Urban Style NEU 1
Urban Style NEU 2
Urban Style NEU 3
Urban Style NEU 4
Urban Style NEU 5