Our Roots

What Holzkern is about? Rural idyll and urban style!


We are a young company from Austria. In partnership with experienced watch manufacturers our team is day by day passionately working on turning natural raw materials into unique timepieces. In the following paragraphs we gladly share a bit more about our motivation and our work with you.

We hope that our products delight you just as much as us.

Enjoy your time!
Your Holzkern Team


Team from above

The idea for Holzkern was born back in 2015 out of appreciation for nature and with the goal of becoming more aware of how we spend our time every day.

Today's world is marked by a consumption of enormous amounts of information and seemingly endless opportunities of what to do in life. Despite the wealth in the first world, young people often feel overwhelmed by their options and experience excessive pressure, stress and quite frequently self doubt.

Taking a time-out in the beauty of nature is a way to practice the rare moments of consciously slowing down and reminding ourselves of the neglected aspects in life and being grateful for them.

At Holzkern we want to express our appreciation for this quality time in our logo with the annual rings of trees, aiming to manufacture a unique and personal piece of nature for each individual that serves as a daily reminder for making the most of every moment.



"Uniquely Natural. Naturally Unique." - is more than just a slogan to us and explains our strong connection to those two materials that have served mankind with their unique characteristics throughout history: WOOD and STONE.

Our watches are manufactured out of premium hardwoods from different regions worldwide, which provides us with a great variety in style. Due to the light weight and the inimitable haptic of wood, every model is exceptionally comfortable to wear. As we only use natural wood for our watches, every single Holzkern product retains its natural uniqueness. 

Next to the different sorts of timber, we also use timeless stones for our dials. The combination of the unique textures of wood and the impressive structures of stone makes every watch one of a kind and guarantees that your timekeeper is just as individual as you are.

 Last but not least our special ways of processing those natural materials still enable us to manufacture slim watchcases which, together with the classic and minimalistic design, provide a stylish and definitely exceptional alternative to the conventional stainless steel wristwatches.


Team in nature

"Giving more than you take" is an important principle to us and especially as we are serving nature loving clients we are constantly trying to improve our processes in line with that idea. We put our energy in the things that we love: Designing and manufacturing uniquely natural wristwatches. At the same time we try to minimize spendings on other processes in order to reach two goals:

1) We want to offer you a fair and affordable price for your piece of nature.

2) We want to give back to nature more than we take for a watch.

The first point is being cared for. To achieve the second one, we need you and our partners – the St. Pius workshop of Caritas in Peuerbach and the association PrimaKlima.

With your support we invest 1€ for every watch sold to reforestation projects in Nicaragua or into employment of people with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities. Therefore, with you and our partners, we ensure that we support projects in climate protection, social support and environment protection.

You want to get more information about our partners? You are welcome to visit the following websites www.prima-klima-weltweit.de and www.caritas-linz.at.

Thank you for your support!