Thales (Koa/Jaspis)

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Regarded by Aristotle as the first philosopher in the Greek tradition and founder of the school of natural philosophy; recognized by others as the first individual in western civilization to engage in scientific philosophy; Thales of Miletus boldly broke away from the use of mythology to explain our world and the universe by choosing to explain heavenly and earthly phenomena with an investigative approach. This man caused not only the beginning of Greek astronomy, but also initiated the first phase of western enlightenment.

Thales also had many practical achievements: he developed a method for measuring the height of pyramids and the distance of ships at sea using geometric principles, and he even earned a fortune by using his astronomical theories to predict a bountiful olive crop and bought up all the olive presses in the area.

This watch with a case and band made of koa wood and a dial made of jasper is dedicated to this bold and pioneering thinker.


  • Case: 38mm diameter, made of koa wood and black sandalwood
  • Dial: Genuine white-brown jasper
  • Movement: Automatic movement by Sea-Gull
  • Band: 20mm width, adjustable length, made of koa wood and black sandalwood
EAN: # 9120078331323

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