Via Appia (Olive/Azure)

Via Appia (Olivewood/Azure)

The Roman magistrate Appius Claudius Caecus began and finished construction of the first section of Via Appia or "the Appian Way" in 312 BC. Eventually stretching from Rome to Brindisi, the road was meant to improve the mobility of Roman troops as they moved south of the capital in an effort to maintain greater control over central and southern Italy. Following its success in the Samnite wars, Via Appia became an essential trade route throughout the region, not to mention the and an icon in the region then it was the most important trade route and would earn the nickname Regina Viarum or "Queen of Roads".

This model with its case made of Italian olivewood an azure dial is our tribute to this historic mediterranean route.


  • Case: 42mm diameter, made of olivewood
  • Dial: Azure
  • Movement: Quartz movement by Seiko
  • Band: Grey genuine leather band
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