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Holzkern stands for natural diversity - it's at the core of all our designs and materials. This philosophy also captures our gifting (love) language: our loved ones are unique at their core and deserve a gift that captures their own special personality and style. Thanks to materials like wood, marble or nacre, we can ensure that every model is as unique as its owner.

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Discover our Gift Guides for moms, dads, siblings, friends and partners. Our Gift Guide for Him has our finest selection of watches, Bandlets and jewelry for men. Looking for women’s watches, natural jewelry and even handbags made from wood and stone? Discover our Gift Guide for Her! Our new unisex Gift Guide has got you covered if you’re shopping for something special that could be worn by, well, everyone!



Quality and After Sales Services Manager

About me: I love being part of the Quality and Returns Team because we ensure that our customers can have the best experience with Holzkern products.

Favorite: I love our Auctoritas watch, because of its timeless design, so it can be paired with any outfit.

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Our materials represent the core of what we do - discover the wood, stone and high-quality stainless steel that gives our products their unique looks and durable designs.

For us, the forest doesn't just deliver our favorite raw material, it also stands for calmness, durability and familiarity. Regardless of whether it’s local tree species like walnut or maple, or exceptional zebrawood or koa, we only use hardwoods of the best quality and origins for our watches and jewellery! It’s the individual wood grains that make your gift 100% unique.

In the depths of our Earth, hidden treasures and breathtaking forces lie dormant. Since time immemorial, stone is involved in cycles of formation, immersion, transformation, melting to liquid and solidification through cooling. The marble, lapis lazuli, and the rare minerals sodalite and howlite used in our watches and jewellery have aged over many millions of years and carry the untamed uniqueness of nature in its wide variety of forms.

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You’re not sure what to give as a gift, or you want your favorite person to enjoy the experience of finding their own Holzkern? You will receive your printable gift card within 1 hour after ordering.